Litigation represents one of the major practice areas of SaucedoChavez, P.C. The diverse experiences of our attorneys allows us to provide our clients with overlapping fields of expertise. We handle cases involving contract, employment, business disputes and personal injury for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Contract Disputes

Whenever two parties engage in a business transaction, a contractual agreement -- either formal or informal -- is almost always involved. However, disputes often arise even when both parties act in good faith. SaucedoChavez takes a proactive and aggressive approach to litigation. Nonetheless, we’re also responsive to the best interests of our clients. To that end, we are well prepared to assist our clients in mediation or other non-courtroom resolutions that can yield optimal results. SaucedoChavez has the necessary skills to try, negotiate or settle a claim for our clients' benefit.

Business Disputes

While partnerships and corporations can represent an easily established, efficient vehicle for forming businesses, these entities are often prone to disputes between the parties involved. While some businesses cannot be salvaged, many disputes can be resolved without having to resort to dissolution. At SaucedoChavez, we recognize that partnerships can involve long-standing family or friendship ties. We work to resolve disputes with sensitivity and respect while focusing on obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.

Employment Issues

As experienced litigators in the business and corporate world, the attorneys at SaucedoChavez have a strong record of representing clients in a variety of disputes including discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, wage claims, and any manner of employment-related contract disputes in Albuquerque and statewide throughout New Mexico.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at SaucedoChavez realize that a serious injury to a person’s health can have catastrophic consequences both for the individual and the individual’s family. When that injury has been caused due to the negligence or intentional act of another, SaucedoChavez is well prepared to aggressively pursue legal remedies to make the injured individual whole. Here at SaucedoChavez we have litigated a wide variety of personal injury matters involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death claims.