Why a Small Firm Makes Sense

Why a Small Firm Makes Sense

It’s easy to be impressed by a first encounter with a large firm. Many large firms feature richly appointed interiors and a bustling environment filled with associates, paralegals, and other personnel. And it’s true that large firms feature a team of partners and associates trained in a wide range of legal specialties. You may initially meet with a big name partner—one whose name is on the door—and be assured that your case will be handled by a team of legal experts.

However, bigger is not always better. With a large law firm, that team of legal experts assigned to your case is often headed by a lesser associate, not the partner who won you over to the firm. And while the members of your legal team are likely very competent, they are not necessarily focused on establishing one-on-one relationships with their clients. In fact, you may be greeted by different assistants or paralegals each time you call or visit the firm.

On the other hand, small firms provide a highly personal experience for their clients. Clients are greeted by name when they call or visit the offices. Small firm staff members have a deep familiarity with the details of their clients’ cases.

However, big firms simply have more expertise and density of experience than small firms. That’s an advantage that small firms simply cannot match. Right?

Not necessarily. SaucedoChavez prides itself on its approachable and familial atmosphere. We establish one-on-one bonds with our clients, several of whom we’ve worked with for years. We take the time to communicate our legal theories and approaches with our clients, so they understand their options, and are empowered to make choices that are right for them.

At the same time, our carefully cultivated team of attorneys possesses a broad range of specializations. We can cross-fertilize our available expertise to cover a range of legal issues comparable to much larger firms. This cross-fertilization allows Saucedo Chaves to ensure that all our clients are assigned the right attorneys for their cases.

There’s another major advantage small firms like SaucedoChavez have over large firms: flexibility and nimbleness. We adapt quickly to changing conditions in our clients’ circumstances, not to mention ongoing developments in the law.

With SaucedoChavez, our clients have access to the expertise and range of specializations you’d expect from a large firm, combined with the personal approach of a small firm. We’re proud of the firm we’ve built. We will be proud to represent you as well.